What Everyone Is Saying


“Being a woman means menopause which means weight gain. After trying everything to lose weight and failing, I decided to try SBS and it works! If you follow it  you will see results. I lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks and improved my blood work!” - C.Y

"I chose the Science Based Slimming program because it looks at blood work, weight, lifestyle, goals, eating habits, etc. It is well rounded but also adjusted to the individual, it is not 'cookie cutter'. The biggest benefit of SBS was that it helped me shift my mindset. I now understand things will not change unless I change them!" - D.H

“I recommend this program to anyone who wants a better and healthier life without gimmicks, special products, and to anyone who needs to be held accountable and encouraged through the process.” - C.Y

“This biggest benefit of the SBS program was finding emotional stability, lowering A1c, and balancing cholesterol and hormones” - S.T

“Since starting SBS, I have lowered my blood pressure, i’m less tired, not feeling bloated and I definitely have more energy!” - T.K

“The SBS approach is unique because it pointed out a gluten sensitivity I had no idea about” - C.F

“I have a more positive outlook, more confidence, more energy, and improved A1c since starting Science Based Slimming” - D.A

“SBS helped me improve my family's eating habits” - W.T

“The Science Based Slimming approach is unique because of its non-critical and non-shaming support and that they help you understand your food addictions and cravings” -W.T 

Here are just a few benefits Science Based Slimming participants report:

weight loss            improved energy          psoriasis remission           diminished joint pain

emotional stability                  improved complexion               lower A1c

balanced hormone levels          improved cholesterol levels