After completing our intake form you will meet with our health coach for an initial consultation and to review your intake data. During this consultation, our health coach will walk you through the program and program options and help guide you in finding which program plan best fits your needs. If you meet the program requirements and choose to continue, you will be asked to complete several health questionnaires as well as a family history. 

Next, in order to formulate a specific weight loss plan, our doctor will perform a thorough physical followed by a comprehensive blood analysis. Our nutritional consultant will then perform a non-invasive Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This valuable test allows us to measure your body mass index (BMI), fat mass, metabolic rate, and water distribution. Our nutritional consultant will also perform a few simple anthropometric measurements.

The questionnaires, BMI, blood analysis, and anthropometric data will be reviewed by Dr. Fink who with collaboration with Christine and Amber, will tailor your personalized weight loss plan. Finally, along with support, you will put the your personalized plan into action!